Italian Runaway

You may have noticed I’ve been gone for awhile. Almost one month since my last post, but I promise I have a very good explanation for leaving my readers in suspense and wondering … where did all the dinners and cookie recipes go?

Well, friends … the short answer is: I ran away to Italy.

In a less dramatic explanation: I booked a leisurely vacation to spend 9 glorious days exploring the cities and flavors of Rome, Naples and Milan. Add that to a week in Texas for work (+ tacos) and a week in Pennsylvania for family (+ my mom’s delicious food) and a hectic return to work in Seattle (+ two back to back nights of glorious indulgence in Japanese cuisine) and here we are. I’m back and with new creative ammo to fuel many posts to come.

While I am sorry I left my readers high and dry without word (or recipe), I hope everyone can relate to the excitement of a much needed vacation, time with family, and flavor of fun in places filled with love and tasty foods. I’m home now, easing back in to once again cooking for myself (a feeling I’m grateful for) and ready to share my dinners and desserts with you all again.

I hope you each have an opportunity to escape for a while this year – explore a new place (or maybe an old one), spend time with friends and family (or maybe strangers that become one or the other) and have time to reconnect with the happiness of life outside of work and the day to day routine.

I loved Italy. Every. Minute. Here are a few pictures from my trip. I miss it already, but I’m also so happy to be back.




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